RKTG Consulting Engineers


For 65 years RKTG has been creating effective engineering solutions in numerous sectors for some of B.C.'s top companies.


  • Over 1000 cellular telephone sites in B.C.
  • Over 50 telephone microwave sites in B.C., including transmission towers and passive reflectors


  • 50 heavy equipment maintenance and repair facilities in BC, Yukon Territory and Alberta Finning (Canada)
  • Steel service centers, large and small steel fabricating plants
  • Maintenance engineering for pulp and paper industry
  • Industrial parks with and without rail access
  • 15 district office and warehouse buildings for BC Hydro


  • Major hospitals in Vancouver and Surrey
  • Churches and schools
  • Gymnasia, grandstands and other sport related structures


  • Docks and ramps
  • Floating walkways
  • Viewpoints


  • Highway
  • Railway
  • Logging
  • Pedestrian


Forensic investigations and/or reconstruction engineering of damaged structures for residential, commercial & industrial buildings. Cause of damage varies – fire, wind, vehicle impact, water ingress, snow load. We work closely with insurance adjusters and restoration companies, most of the time liaising between the two, to provide quantum review and structural engineering services as required.